Desert Rose– Yacht with Amazing Features



Want to make your special day remarkable and mesmerizing? If yes, then Desert Rose Yacht is the right option for you. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that this extraordinary and beautiful luxury yacht will offer you ideal and miraculous experience for lifetime.

You can Arrange Grand Events

Looking for something adventurous to make your event or special day exciting? If yes, then this phenomenal 155 FT Desert Rose Yacht is ideal for special celebrations and gigantic occasions.  In short, enjoy your special moments along with cherishing beauty of Arabian Sea in the crystal blue waters. Around 200 people can easily be adjusted on the desert rose yacht. In fact, you can plan weddings events, grand parties, grand business meetings and birthday bash on this yacht to make them pleasurable as well as memorable.

A Masterpiece Yacht

The 155 FT Desert Rose Yacht is the best yacht to celebrate immense events or appreciate huge social affairs. Set up the gathering in perfect work of art yacht and make each minute brimming with value. The most developed yacht has both style and space in wealth. The polished assembled vessel is perfect for long separation cruising. It’s amazing inside, fold-down and settled galleries alike, extraordinary convenience, VIP staterooms is exceedingly speaking to the guests. In simple words, this yacht has no match.

Luxurious and Magnificent

Uncommonly open and wide with contemporary design is a perfect yacht for expansive social occasions. It has 10 lodges and furnished with quality solaces. The magnificence yacht is a cruising paradise and has everything to upgrade your delight locally available. Luxurious sitting zone, immense deck and extensive inside of the yacht flabbergast its visitors.

Delicious Food and Hospitable Staff

You can also enjoy Bar, BBQ, Music and luscious food on it. So, what you expect more to make your special day cherishing and unforgettable? Desert Rose Yacht Rental Dubai offers you a delight fishing experience as well. In addition, the soft music at the background adds more fascination and beauty in your experience. The professional and hospitable staff on the yacht will not give you single chance to get annoy and disturb. Everything is perfect on this perfect luxury yacht.

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Dhow Cruise Marina Reflects Dubai Tradition

Dhow cruise Marina is the most fascinating experience that one must have to enjoy the perfect combination of Arabic tradition and modernity of exotic Dubai.

Things You must know About Dubai

Human love for nature is inexplicable. The curiosity of nature lovers can be met in Dubai that offers everything ranging from wide array of incredible hotels and shopping malls to sightseeing, desert safari, yachting and Dhow cruising in Dubai Marina. Most of the tourists prefer to visit Dubai for its versatility and modernity but real charm of Dubai lies in its local culture and antique Dhow Cruise is the vessel that takes you through the serene sea waters allowing you to admire the sights of Dubai by night as you pass by.

While there are fancier boats and luxury yachts to feast your eyes but the charm and uniqueness of a Dhow is inexplicable. Dhow is a local wooden vessel that is prettily adorned with colorful glittering lights cultivating the pure Arabic ambiance. If you want to explore the tradition of Dubai, then you must experience Dhow Cruise Marina that…

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Luxurious Fun Tours in Dubai

Luxurious Fun Tours in Dubai by DubaiDhow.They are full of enjoyment and fun .

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Dubai is a land of food lovers and it welcomes its tourists with exotic aromas, delicious tastes, thoughtful colors and open hearts.

Although, Dubai being an international city gives you tastes from all around the world, but it is particularly famous for its traditional tastes. Since Dubai is an Arab Emirate, it has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods on its cuisines. And the beverages are equally aromatic and tasteful.

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Dubai is the land of skyscrapers, adventures, souks, seven star hotels, and so many other places that they cannot be summarized in a short article; left alone this little paragraph. Those places may be normal for people living there, but for those who have planned a visit to Dubai, these things are exhilarating.

Whether you are visiting Dubai for a business meeting or just coming to spend your holidays here, these are the ten best things to do in Dubai that you should never miss.

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Dubai Tweets

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